EuDEco strives to work with experts in order to incorporate the expertise and knowledge of external professionals into the EuDEco model as well as into its other project outcomes (studies, reports, the recommendations and the establishment of the observatory). EuDEco project partners are continuously searching for experts and relevant stakeholders and invite them to the EuDEco User Expert Group (UEG) which has been created at the very beginning of the project and where the members represent relevant EU funded and national projects and initiatives.

All UEG members are encouraged to participate in five core workshops between June 2015 and fall 2017. Workshop participants are asked to share their views and expertise on topics related to the data economy, to discuss opportunities and challenges and to provide feedback on solutions and recommendations presented. The workshops will differ in terms of focus and method. Emphasis will be put on the discussion of aspects, including legal possibility, social acceptability, economic viability and technological feasibility of use cases, business models and value networks.

In addition, there will be two in-depth workshops, which are only relevant for a strictly limited number of UEG members involved in projects actually developing data reuse pilots. The two in-depth workshops will accompany the testing of specific results of the EuDEco project.


Who are we looking for to cooperate with?

Industrial players, who

  • are active members of the European data economy,
  • have gained experience in working with big data and reusing data in Europe,
  • are willing to share their experience and knowledge gained,
  • are open for participating in the testing or validation of the EuDEco project results.

European funded projects or national initiatives and pilots, which

  • focus their activities on big data modelling,
  • investigate legal, socioeconomic or technological aspects of big data or reuse of open and big data,
  • own big data, are open for providing it for use cases, or
  • include any other activities that work with or result large amount of data.

Benefits of joining the EuDEco User Expert Group

Engaging in our activities might bring several benefits to any similar projects, like:

  • You can become a member of a network of experts with a broad and varied range of experience and the potential to build synergies.
  • First hand access of the EuDEco research results, which will be particularly useful to prepare convincing exploitation and sustainability plans for similar projects.
  • Mutual invitation to events and whenever relevant, offer the possibility to give a relevant presentation.
  • Support each other in raising awareness for each other’s activities within shared target communities.
  • Organise joint actions to promote activities and the outcomes of the relevant activities performed.


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