To successfully develop and monitor the progress of the development of the data economy in Europe, a sound measurement approach allowing an evidence-based assessment is essential.

Challenges of a cross-country analysis regarding the data economy

  • Availability of representative data and metrics
  • Common taxonomies that make indicators comparable across countries

Proposed solution

The proposed analysis focuses on a restricted number of relevant indicators, published as part of official statistics or in relevant studies. The identified determinants of the data economy represent complex and multidimensional phenomena that can only be captured by several indicators, where each one of them reflects only some aspects of the underlying phenomenon. To get more comprehensive information on the capabilities of countries with respect to specific phenomena, different characteristics were combined to indices. For this purpose, the indicators used to measure the characteristics had to be normalised and weighted. Key determinants and indices used in the context of the observatory are provided below.

Key determinants

  • Business sector performance
  • Business environment
  • Innovation potential of data economy
  • Social participation in data related activities
  • Infrastructural conditions
  • Diffusion of Big Data related Technologies
  • Security related aspects
  • Privacy Protection
  • Data openness
  • Policy framework conditions

Composed EuDEco indices

  • Business sector performance index
  • Innovation potential index
  • Index of social participation in data-related activities
  • Key enabling technologies index
  • Security index
  • Privacy protection index

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