The Data Reuse Impact Assessment (DRIA) is a specific version of the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). It focuses on data protection and privacy issues as well as on issues that are at the crossroad between law and ethics.

It consists of three sections

  • Data protection issues – resembles topics that are typically covered by a PIA
  • Broader privacy dilemmas - helps to identify any data processing that could negatively affect a person’s right to privacy
  • Ethics – focuses on ethical principles such as autonomy and democracy

Main target groups include

  • privacy professionals (e.g. lawyers, ICT professionals, privacy-specialized/certified employees),
  • teachers and educators (e.g., facilitators of privacy courses, university teachers, in-house privacy professionals/leaders).

Explore legal and ethical aspects of data processing and reuse and assess the legal and ethical sustainability of your business practice. Click here to access the questions.