Our main achievements so far

Fined-tuned model of EuDEco on the European data economy

  • The refined model of the European data economy by EuDEco fine-tunes the initial heuristic model - Download

The first model of EuDEco on the European data economy

  • The first EuDEco model of the European data economy maps the members and provides preliminary statements regarding their behaviour and recommendation on how to support the development of the data economy in Europe - Download
  • Analysis of legal aspects based on the heuristic model - Download
  • Analysis of socio-economic aspects based on the heuristic model -  Download
  • Analysis of technological aspects based on the heuristic model -  Download

Setting the scene

  • Overview of recent efforts in terms of modelling the data economy and measuring its development - Summary Download
  • Analysis of the legal, technological and socio-economic framework conditions of the European data economy - Download
  • Overview of five different use cases where data is generated and/or reused - Download

During the lifetime of the EuDEco project several interesting reports, analyses and other results will be elaborated and made available for any interested parties. This page has been created to guide you via our main outcomes/results that will be either published via this website or made available in any other way to the public.

EuDEco aims to deliver the model of the European data economy including viable use cases and business models as well as suggestions and recommendations addressing the main legal, contractual, societal and technological concerns and challenges such as contractual framework or data protection. Above that, EuDEco will develop an observatory for policy makers enabling them to track the development of the data economy in Europe.

The model of the European data economy will be developed in 3 iterations starting from the first integration where we will reach the heuristic model, through the intermediary refined model to the third stage final model. Each version of the model is created based on the analysis of legal, technological and socioeconomic aspects and on experiences gained via case studies on existing pilots for data reuse. After the completion of the final model not only the model of the European data economy will be available but also business models and case studies that will support the operability of the model.

The process of the model refinement will be supported by two expert groups that have been established by EuDEco at the beginning of the project, namely

  • The Advisory Board is a smaller group of internationally renowned experts who can help EuDEco to implement its activities in the right direction as well as to ensure the exploitation of the EuDEco results.
  • The User Expert Group is a larger group of professionals who joined the EuDEco team as external professionals and contribute to the development and refinement of the model by their expertise and pilot cases which EuDEco can utilise to validate the model developed.

Main results of EuDEco

In order to ensure that the framework conditions of the model are also amended as necessary EuDEco will define recommendations for policy makers (both EU and national level), for the industry and for citizens to foster the potentials of data reuse in Europe. The recommendations aim at promoting data reuse and laying the ground for a self-sustaining data economy in Europe. In order to define well based recommendations legal, socio-economic and technological requirements and barriers will be analysed, which includes making considerations as to how they can be met and resolved, respectively. The observatory of the European data economy (integrated into the project website) will help to track the further development of data reuse and its impact in Europe.

The main results of EuDEco (which are highlighted with orange on the picture) will be complemented by further interesting studies alongside the 3 main aspects that EuDEco is investigating at each refinement phase. We encourage you to follow our published news which will inform you immediately when a new result is available.