The EuDEco partnership consists of both the members of the project consortium as well as associated organisations and individuals. Associated organisations and individuals contribute to EuDEco through committees including the User Expert Group and the Advisory Board.

The User Expert Group has been established at the very early months of EuDEco. In the first invitation round representatives of relevant national or European projects and initiatives have been contacted and invited to join the discussions on the data reuse in Europe. The UEG is not restricted to project representatives on the contrary, it is open to any industrial players who are active members of the European data economy and willing to share their relevant experiences and knowledge with the consortium contributing this way to the modelling of the European data economy or to the formulation of recommendations on barriers and challenges in connection with data reuse. If you are interested in working with us learn more on the User Expert Group and how you can become member of it.

EuDEco is supported by an Advisory Board (AB) consisting of four distinguished experts until the end of the project in January 2018. The AB provides advice with respect to the implementation of EuDEco, gives feedback on interim results and helps to drive forward data reuse in Europe. Members of the AB will meet physically four or five times over the next 2.5 years.