The EuDEco consortium is developing a model of the European data economy. The first results of this development process are now available for interested stakeholders.

Based on initial discussions with stakeholders of the European data economy, desk research and the investigation of case studies the consortium elaborated and published its first heuristic model of the European data economy. The report presents an analysis of the framework that surrounds the data economy and data reuse in Europe, providing a very comprehensive, though not exhaustive, list of the key terms: artefacts, strategies, agents and other factors. The main goal behind this is to understand an ever-growing area of economy that is constantly evolving due to the technical, societal and legal implications that interact in the data economy.
In order to reflect the situation of data reuse around Europe in this initial model, EuDEco makes 30 propositions, which intend to address the most important aspects of the three key complex adaptive system elements surrounding the data economy. These propositions were shared with a group of experts during the first EuDEco Forum for Data Reuse and a Networking Session at the ICT 2015, both held in Lisbon. Feedback from these events has been included in this document.

Based on the initial heuristic model experts of the consortium carried out a detailed analysis of the model from legal, technological and socio-economic perspectives which have been summarised in the respective analysis reports. Conclusions made in these analysis will be discussed with the participants of the next EuDEco workshop in Eindhoven on 28 June 2016.