EuDEco organised an interesting workshop on 1 December 2016 in Valencia, in the frame of the BDVA Summit, entitled Making the best of big data – How do data economy actors adapt their strategies to changing framework conditions in Europe.

In the introductory presentations, the representatives of two companies, working with big data, explained how they had to adapt their strategies to changing framework conditions in Europe (in connection with big data and data reuse), what challenges they faced when doing so and how these challenges could be overcome.

Our speakers were:

Following the presentations, a moderated group discussion took place where participants could discuss what are the most important key issues that influence if stakeholders can make the most of big data. The identified issues (below picture) belong to different major frameworks like for example technical challenges or legal ones.

key issues 2

The discussion aimed also at defining what are the key takeaways and conclusions what data economy stakeholders shall be aware of or try to implement to ensure the best and most use of data. The conclusions are summarised on the below picture.

conclusions 2