Researchers and practitioners started working on building a model of the European data economy

The Big Data phenomenon is both creating a new economic sector and impacting all the traditional ones. Yet, companies, government bodies and academic institutions face the issue of finding the right model for collecting, storing, curating and publishing data in a way that both allows large-scale data reuse and is economically sustainable. A team of experts from the academic and private sectors have started the work to answer those questions.


Everybody seems to agree that the increasing amounts of data collected around the world – the so-called “Big Data” phenomenon – have enormous potential for the economy, for science and for policy. Yet, companies, governments and academic institutions are still exploring how to implement an ecosystem allowing this data to be collected, used, shared, exchanged and reused.

The EuDEco project has been launched in February 2015 to support the development of the European data economy. Funded by the EC Horizon 2020 programme, EuDEco assists European science and industry in understanding and exploiting the potentials of data reuse in the context of big data and open data. During its 3 year-duration, EuDEco aims to establish a self-sustaining data market and thereby increase the competitiveness of Europe.

To be able to extract the benefits of data reuse, it is important to understand the underlying economic, societal, legal, and technological framework conditions and challenges to build useful applications and services.  EuDEco will accomplish this by leveraging the engagement of other projects conducting pilots on data reuse as well as by the engagement of external experts and stakeholders. Consequently, a User Expert Group and an Advisory Board have been created.

The project organized a first clustering workshop, titled “Towards self-sustaining data reuse in Europe”, in co-location with the BDVA summit on 18 June in Madrid, Spain. The workshop kick-started the EuDEco User Expert Group and allowed to share and collect ideas and experiences on data reuse in Europe. The EuDEco project presented its approach and preliminary analysis of legal, socio-economic and technological framework conditions, which were later discussed and put into perspective.

The presentations are available for downloading:


A first heuristic data economy model will be presented at the second EuDEco workshop set for the 19 October 2015 in Lisbon, just before the ICT2015 event.

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