EuDEco is organising an interesting workshop on 1 December 2016 in Valencia, in the frame of the BDVA Summit.

The workshop entitled Making the best of big data – How do data economy actors adapt their strategies to changing framework conditions in Europe will investigate how data economy actors in Europe adapt their strategies to changing framework conditions, what challenges they face when doing so and how these challenges can be overcome.

The workshop will be kicked-off by a short introductory presentation on the measures that European policy makers took recently with the aim to establish a data-driven economy (5-10’). The presentation will be followed by two case presentations (representing different company sizes, preferably a start-up and a large company view), which are expected to show differences in terms of strategies and reactions to measures (20’). The case presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion, involving not only the speakers but also the other participants of the workshop, on individual experiences, further cases, common challenges faced and potential solutions to them (55’).

Participate in the BDVA Summit, join the EuDEco workshop and tell the participants your story. The best cases will be introduced at the EuDEco website and promoted at different channels.